Common Types of Roofs & How to Model Them in Autodesk Revit | AGACAD

Designing roofs in Revit can pose certain difficulties particularly for users less familiar with roof modeling tools. Creating exact roof geometry and size for a new build or modeling an existing roof to given dimensions is not always straightforward. If we follow some key principles, however, we can model quite a few roofs simply by using Revit’s ‘Roof by Footprint’ tool. For more complex roof profile shapes, ‘Roof by Extrusion’ is typically used, which we will cover in future articles. Other ways of creating roofs are 3D massing using the ‘Roof by Face’ tool, which allows you to come up with a greater variety of complex roof designs, and In-Place Massing or Mass Families, which allows you to design irregular roofs and tensile roof structures.For now, we’ll focus on some of the more common roof types used for small-scale residential, commercial, and industrial projects. To create a simple hip roof with the ‘Roof by Footprint’ tool, follow the steps below.

Source: Common Types of Roofs & How to Model Them in Autodesk Revit | AGACAD

What is a Construction Drawing? – First In Architecture

What is a construction drawing? What should it include? What does a set of construction drawings consist of? We look at all of this and more!

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