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An exclusive online course on BIM-Integrated Energy Modeling by Trailloop

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Trailloop, a recognized training institution that provides online training on energy efficient building design, recently introduces BIM-Integrated Energy Modeling Online Course. This online course is designed for CAD drafters, architectural/mechanical technologists & technicians, BIM specialists, architects, mechanical engineers, and energy modeling professionals. By undergoing this course the architects and engineers will be able to make the best use of building energy at initial phase where the maximum impact exists and obtain these results during the progression of the design.


Jean Carriere, a building performance technologist for Trailloop with broad experience with building information modeling & building simulation applications as a consultant, will perform as the instructor for this online course.


This course allows engineers and architects to optimize building energy early through a streamlined BIM method where there is the greatest impact, and see those results through the design process for the most energy efficient building design.


This BIM incorporated energy modeling system facilitates managing the building model’s information in a superior way that endlessly puts in value and makes the information process simpler. The workflow aids in accomplishing in initial phase and repeating energy simulations through a LEED compliant energy modeling tool, which saves significant amount of time by circumventing the rework that is inevitable from switching to this software.


Benefits of attending the course:-

  • This course will help you to generate building geometries in Revit for a seamless integration into IES VE for energy modeling, accomplish design modifications and restoring them back into the energy model. This workflow facilitates leveraging the best of both applications in a collective BIM workflow.
  • The attendees of this course can get quick access to a strong learning management system packed with multi-media learning content. This self-taught online course consists of 4 hours of interchangeable video tutorials, downloadable project files, and 25 quiz questions. In order to create their own projects, the attendees can present their project files throughout the planning, integration, and post-production phases to get personalized feedback from the instructor. After completing the course, the attendees can obtain 8 hours of Continuing Education with the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI).
  • This completely interactive detailed online course will be initiated in several college programs in Canada this year.
  • The attendees can set up their energy analysis feedback to the team throughout each stage and at the same create report on the performance of your project goals. They can produce perfect building loads in order to streamline the systems during the design development stages.

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