How to Create a Record Model – Part 2

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In the last blog I started down the road of successful Record Model (RM) creation, because as we know, Record Models are one of the most powerful demonstrations of Building INFORMATION Modeling. In part two I wrap up this glorious feat with not one, but TWO amazing tips that cause the most grief with RM’s, hard paths versus relative paths and why are there so many links showing? I have shortened certain steps to keep the blog interesting, if you want the full procedure contact Cn3D Construction and we can give you the exact steps towards an incredible deliverable that has been tried and tested.

You can find How to Create a Record Model Part 1 here.

Continued from Part 1…

  1. Create Folders of each level in Saved Viewpoints, then Viewpoints (saved screen locations) of each room in the appropriate folder. This makes navigation for the user very easy. Remember…

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